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This page on our website: wwww.practiease.com/terms-conditions clearly tells YOU (“You”, “User's”, “Website Users”, “Customers”, “Candidates” mean the party taking the services from PractiEase or contracting with PractiEase for Interview Practice) more about the terms and conditions on which WE (“We”, “Us”, “Our or Ours” refer to PractiEase and its Managing Committee) provide necessary practice for the candidates to excel in their interview which will help them launch their dream job

Other definitions :

"Agreement" refers to contract between users and PractiEase, terms and conditions constitute the agreement too.

"Practice" refers to practice classes, sessions, training sessions, mock interviews tailored to cusotmer’s specific requirements.

"Service or Services" refers to job interview practice, English enrichment tasks or sessions, provided by PractiEase.

Practice Material refers to material provided to users during the course of practice, learning and enhancing necessary interview and english skills.

SME refers to Individuals with Subject Matter Expertise ,companies, firms, agencies who are partnered with us.

Intellectual Property Rights” refers to all copyrights, patents, utility models, trademarks, service marks, business and domain names, rights in designs, software rights, database rights, moral rights, rights in confidential information or to any intellectual property owned by PractiEase.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions present on the site: www.practiease.com can undergo alterations, modifications, revisions, reviewing, revamping by PractiEase at any point of time and without issuing any notice for the users. Dates on latest updates will be provided on this page (as these terms and conditions have been updated on 17 August 2017). Website users, customers are required to abide by new terms and conditions too. Continued use of the site without having known of the same would imply your consent to the same.


PractiEASE is an online platform for job-seekers who would like to practice and enhance their interview skills so that they can easily breeze through any interview and get their dream job. Prospective users of any age can practice the English language skills with PractiEASE to make themselves confident of expressing their thoughts. The content presented in every product and practice sets is thoroughly researched as per needs and finalized after various quality and relevance validations in order to prepare job-lookers or interviewees to answer/handle any type of question/scenario. However PractiEASE does not assure job-seekers that the same pattern/set/style of questions will be covered in their original interviews.

Please, take a note of it that PractiEASE is an online platform to practice interview and English language skills and not a placement agency and so does not assure any job guarantee. We stress again that we are not a job agency, placement agency, promising of any job for candidates

Mode of Practice

The mode of practice through PractiEase is online. All practice is conducted through or within unique online learning environment.

Candidates will access the practiEASE, Practice through predefined styles ,interact with SME as per their confirmed sessions, take part in discussion forums, comment or provide feedback online.


Users can practice the sets on desktop or computer with an internet access. Smart phone with an audio and video recording feature is required if the user opts for such style of practice , Mock interviews with SME can be practiced with a basic version mobile handset

Don't s

Users should not allow any other person to use their login credentials (user accounts are not transferable).

Users should not share content, material they see or receive in any form through PractiEASE during their practice sessions, mock interviews, English Language practice ,forum discussions etc.

User engagement content can't be copied for any other purpose.

Diagnostic test and other questions of mock interviews should not be revealed out.

The pattern of practice, methodologies or procedures which are exclusive to PractiEASE should not be revealed out.

Feedback report should also be not be shared (should be kept confidential).

User Account

It is expected of you that you maintain the login id and password of your account all by yourself. By using WEBSITE you agree to maintain the confidentiality of your account and are solely responsible for all the activities taking place in your account. This account can only be used by you and it is not allowed of you to transfer it to anyone else. Any theft or third-party access to your account is not the responsibility of PractiEase. The management team at PractiEase keeps the right to terminate or dissolve your account as and when required or mostly on proof that the account has not been used in a fair way or if it is found to be violating our terms of use

Confidentiality of User Information

We accept user information for general purpose only and so we expect the users to furnish accurate information however to avoid any future nuisances we encourage job seekers to provide us pseudo names along with their original name and details so that the pseudo name can be referred to during mock interviews with SME. Though PractiEASE maintains Confidentiality of user information to utmost possible extent , can not assure it to 100%.

One Account / User

You accept that you will create one account or profile and that you will not indulge in multiple account creation activities using malicious email addresses or misleading information.

Confidentiality of the Account

You accept that you will keep the account details , personal details ,education,skills and project details confidential and that you will not share with anyone else

Account Information

Users accept that the information (name, designation, email id, phone number, mailing address, fax etc.) they provide at the time of registration is all accurate and that it is not misleading.

PractiEase may withhold access to users or deny access to users if the data submitted by the users at the time of registration is found to be inaccurate, not right or complete. Access will be denied or cancelled

If the data is found to be not accurate (false data)

Violates applicable laws as per their country

Any change in personal information provided at the time of registration should be duly acknowledged. These users take it as his or her responsibility to provide the updates the information for continuation of the account or for not getting their account being banned, cancelled, deleted

Ethical Code of Conduct

PractiEase would like its users to act according to ethical code of conduct. It is necessary that the users should create account focusing on ethical principles.

User name should not be misleading. Using person name, your personal name is suggested or recommended. However, users can have other catchy names as well (for instance, Malcol4u4ever etc)

User Requirements to Practice

User can access the site from anywhere to practice. Job seekers can attend mock interview with basic version of a mobile.

PractiEASE users should genuinely practice as the core purpose is to know user improvement areas and work onto enrich such skills. Copying , Googling the answers may not have relevance and so can not yield users any betterment.

Prohibited Use of Site

This site provides you with a non-transferable, non-exclusive license for access of the site. You are expected to use PractiEase.com strictly in accordance to the terms and conditions provided herein. By using the site, you agree that you will use the site for any unlawful or prohibited reasons according to the given terms and conditions. You are not allowed to try to access other people's’ account or access the information provided on the site by management. You agree that PractiEase Management has all copyrights and proprietary rights (All content provided on the website including images, videos, graphics, texts and the software used in the process are all a property of PractiEase. Everything present on the site is protected by copyright and intellectual laws).

You are expected to not indulge in any sort of exploitation or violation of the website. The content provided on WEBSITE should not be resold, modified or published partially or completely in any form whatsoever. The content provided is solely for your personal use and you are not allowed to use it for any other way whatsoever presented or not presented here, without the permission of PractiEase.

Users’ Right

Users have the right to make use of the website and its content for all ethical purpose which can help PractiEase flourish and become more popular so as to reach out to new users. Users can make use of the site and its content without altering or making changes in it in order to malign the image of site. The site and the content should be used “as it is” and it should not be used for any personal achievements. Users have the right to share the site or its content (or any other promotional content got through the site or through any introductory email) through social networking sites or emails or any other means such as Whatsapp and other social networking platforms and applications. Users identified indulging in maligning the image of the site or using the site for their personal gains in any way will have to face legal proceedings.

Electronic Communications

By using PractiEase.com and contacting us through emails, phone calls etc you agree that all sorts of agreements and email notifications sent by PractiEase are legal and have your consent.

By using PractiEase.com, you agree to use the communication services provided by the site only for posting, sending and receiving messages that are related to the services provided by PractiEase and are not in any way improper. This site contains many communication facilities such as chat rooms, forums and groups, communities and such. These facilities are solely developed to help you get in touch with the public and make learning and teaching more constructive, simple and result-oriented. In no way, are you allowed to misuse this service by passing wrong comments, using inappropriate or indecent language or defaming and harassing others, infusing software for hacking, transferring bugs, virus or other threatening cyber-units that can be detrimental to our platform.

  1. You are not allowed to stalk or threaten or violate any legal rights of PractiEase or other users who access the site.
  2. You are not allowed to use this space for your personal benefits like advertising, buying or selling.
  3. You are not allowed to indulge in chain messages or surveys that are deemed inappropriate, unethical or not much more related to the service provided by PractiEase.com.
  4. You are not allowed to share personal details with other users beyond what is required for effective interaction
  5. You should not upload or download any file that is not right, appropriate or may pose potential damage.
  6. You should not indulge in collecting other users’ personal information without their consent

PractiEase has all rights reserved to keep a check of all materials you post and also delete anything that we find inappropriate. We can disconnect you from the communication platforms as and when required without any prior notice.

Be careful while sharing personal information on communication platforms as PractiEase is not responsible for anything that happens in result of such exchange of information.

PractiEase is not responsible for anything that is posted on the website such as feedback and other posts or uploads. On the other hand, PractiEase can access your submissions, posts and comments for business purposes. You will not be paid for using your submissions. PractiEase has all rights to remove your submissions and are not obliged to post your submissions.

By using, posting, uploading on the site, you agree to the terms and conditions given above. You agree that administrators, management committee at PractiEase can copy, edit, translate, reproduce and reformat whatever you post on the site

Links to Third-Party Websites

Our website: practiease.com may show on some of its website pages, blog pages, community pages some links which might take you to third-party websites. Those links are not authorized by us and we do not manage the content of the websites or portals that you lead to from clicking on links present on our site. We not have any contract or official relationship with these linked websites. We do not take the guarantee of the content, ethicality or accuracy of the information present on those sites.

Product and Service Offerings

PractiEASE products and services are purposefully designed to improve user knowledge of handling interviews, on job scenarios while enriching their english language skills. The information presented about products and services is the sole property of PractiEASE and reserves 100% right to limit its services based on any internal and external business related conditions.

Audios, videos, call data, recordings of mock interviews and any other material seen on and received through the site or during practice sessions is PractiEASE property and can be made available to users to review their own progress (for instance, users can review answers for a specified duration only).

PractiEASE reserves the right to enable/disable/enforce/stop any product /functionality and intimates the relevant users who opted for such offering by an email/call.

Mode of Payment

Product and Services are priced considering user affordability. The payment can be transferred online. We make use of the trusted payment gateway services. So, users proceed to make the payment without having to worry over data security.. Plus, we also take security measures to assure our clients of their data safety.

Please, take a note of it that PractiEase doesn’t accept or encourage cash payments.

Prices can be changed anytime without prior intimation to any users. The mentioned discounts will definitely have validity period and so is the credits of your wallet.

Refund Policy

We provide a complete refund but only for those who have registered with PractiEASE as the users, paid the amount but could not practice for the requested session/practice set for various important personal reasons. The refund would be added back as credits in respective category as free credits / paid credits. Users can request refund with a reschedule option or refund credits option only by email/call us at least 12 hours prior to your actual practice schedule To appeal for refund, please, email us to [email protected] Or you can talk to one of our customer care executives too. You can call us on. (preferable time: only in between 7 PM to 8PM).

Wallet Credits

Credits in user wallets come with a validity period and are strictly non-transferable. Credits can’t be transferred to any account or get carried on for further extension of time to avail yourself of the services offered by PractiEase. Therefore, we encourage users to avail themselves of the services before their time-period or validity reaches the end.

User Confidentiality

PractiEase gives utmost importance to user confidentiality. The data submitted by the candidates, received, collected by PractiEase is always maintained, managed, taking all security measures. Data is never sold or shared with anyone. But, in some rare cases, we can share your data with SMEs in our network. This is done with prior permission from you. However, we do not give guarantee of it not being hacked or used by anyone else without our control over third parties.


PractiEase can, at any point of time, out of its own will, can make changes to website and services it provides. Although, strict measures have been taken to make the site and the services more impressive to provide super colossal benefits for the users or customers, yet we do not guarantee of the continuity, quality of the site and service provided through it. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy, reliability, transparency, of the content, services provided through it. PractiEase and its management team, administrators, staff, supporting agencies, partners, associates and other who are directly or indirectly connected to the PractiEase Group are in no way responsible for any discontinuity in the services or downgoing quality in the services. PractiEase should not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever, small or big, stated or unstated, direct or indirect, faced by any user or the customer through the use of the site. You agree that the use of the site or the services taken through it is by you, and it is your decision.


For any assistance /issue resolution, follow practiEASE help desk. You can email us / call us required.

Termination of Access

PractiEase has all rights to cancel or terminate any user’s access to PractiEase.com anytime without any prior notice.


PractiEase has all rights reserved to change the terms and conditions of WEBSITE. To stay updated and well informed, we recommend you to review the Terms and Conditions every once in awhile.


You are most welcome to send in your questions and queries in regards to the terms and conditions:

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