Colleges and Training Companies

Are your students unable to crack the “Interview code” ?

Common challenges :

  1. Students low confidence in non-technical rounds.

  2. Students find it difficult to communicate their technical logic in English.

  3. Can’t communicate in English confidently.

  4. Students go blank for behavioural questions.

  5. Students become nervous for different questions in last round of interview.

Are your students failing at the last hurdle (Interview round)?

Common challenges :

  1. Academically brilliant students not able to crack On/Pool campus interviews.

  2. Students unable to perform in JAM sessions and Group Discussions.

  3. Students failing in non-technical rounds.

  4. Students unable to articulate their thoughts in English.

Let’s Collaborate and support students in securing their dream job….

We would be your official “Practice partner” offering.

  1. “Mock Interviews” with industry experts as a reality check for your students.

  2. “Articulation exercises” by English experts to improve their ability to put their thoughts to appropriate words.

  3. “Grammar module” support students to converse/communicate in grammatically correct English language.

  4. Better preparation for non-technical questions through step by step approach with “Interview Answers - Writing & Speaking”.

  5. Customized “Practice Sets” and content as per your exact requirement.

Why us?

We do not TRAIN , We help your students just PRACTICE with us.

PractiEASE is an online platform encouraging job seekers / students practice the theoretical learning acquired at your college/ training institute.

Structured & Logic oriented “Practice Sets”

Practice sets are categorized and designed from easy to difficult level for the user to choose their practice area easily and complete it at a single stretch.

Powerful Feedback Techniques “PACE” and “E-4”

Success in every task can be accomplished only by executing right plan at right time and in a right way. Our feedback technique designed to let the job seeker understand his pain areas to overcome and practice them to improve systematically.

Handhold support by a pool of subject experts with vast experience in their domain

Only a subject expert can validate user answers by matching their relevance either to the interview context or to the standard rules in English. PractiEASE provides a broader pool of subject experts who have a combination of experience and expertise in their respective domain. Users can seek their support as per their convenience to practice and excel.